dark creepy spirits


By Laiken & Nausica


Chapter 1

the new beginning until the end


one sunny warm day there was a man that had short brown hair and brown eyes and was wearing grey jeans with a blue short sleeve top and his wife with long blonde hair and a aqua dress and beautiful blue eyes their name’s were bill and kelly who were so excited to go on a plane to move to transylvania.


So they got on the plane ready to take off! As they lifted off they had butterfly’s in there stomach.


Three hours later they landed in transylvania. So they got off the plane and got into a taxi and drove off to their new home.


When they got there bill yelled YAAAY!!! we are finally here. The real estate agent walk them throughout the house as they were walking along they saw a puppet with fake blood coming out of its mouth.


Kelly said ‘ I love this house it’s so fascinating kelly said ‘’Lets buy this home with pleasure’’

so they got all their furniture and other items into the house. So they settled in and had a rest because they were tired from all the hard work they had done.


When they woke up it was 5:30 pm Kelly  opened her eyes and suddenly there was a puppet a in her face she screamed so loud the neighbourhood could hear her  Kelly said


‘ oh dear it’s just a puppet how did it get there lets put it back ‘ when she turned on the light she saw thousands and thousand of rag dolls on the shelfs.


Kelly said to bill ‘’there is thousands of rag dolls moving around here  and they are freaking me out!’’


 chapter 2

meeting the monsters


The day after they moved into their house kelly woke up first and as she woke up and  a herd of bats flew over her head and she screamed so loud that it woke up bill and bill said to kelly ‘’is this house haunted’’

kelly replied ‘’haunted what kind of house is haunted’’

bill said ‘’this one is.’’


They tried to call the real estate agent then suddenly the power went out and they could not see anything because it was too dark and

freaky then kelly and bill saw red eyes they tried to run but they were so terrified that they couldn’t then the red eyes disapped.

kelly and bill could not believe what they experienced it was so scary and creepy it was like being at scary 4D movie

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