term 3 Reflection

what I learnt:

1. I have learnt how to make a clay modal

2. I have also learnt all the hot and cold colours.

3.  I have learnt how to make an digital art piece.

I enjoyed 

1.  I enjoyed making my clay modal 

2. I enjoyed doing the hot and cold drawing

 my group worked well because we worked as a team by helping each other.

I think art is cool because we do different things every day 

next term I will  try harder on my art pieces


semester 2 reflection

what I learnt

during semester 2 I made a lot of awesome things like a paper quilling picture, a painting, a paper flower and clay modal

what I enjoyed

I enjoyed making the paper quilling  picture and the clay model

how my group worked

my group worked well because most of them enjoy art

I think art is

fun because you get to make creative things

how does art help me in any other subject

art helps me in English because when I write a narrative I need to draw pictures


One thought on “Art

  1. Hello BLaiken. You have a Specialist Page which is great but you have not uploaded any art work. You are required to have your collage uploaded for assessment

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