year 3 School camp

Year 3 school Camp

When we got about half way there the bus dropped us off in the forest and we had to walk for 2 hours, we climbed over rocks

we went up big hills we went over a tiny wooden bridge and we got to the cabins  when we got to the cabin we had lunch and

did activities were archery, rock climbing and low ropes. When we finished the activities we set up our bed and had dinner .

After dinner we had a night walk on the night walk we saw kangaroos and spiders. after that we all had a shower. in my cabin

I was with Alana, Sydney, Charity, Tamson, Myer and Helle and Kelly. after our shower we went to bed and woke up at 7:30

then we had breakfast for breakfast I had co co pops finally after breakfast we played a survival game for the game we

we had different colour tags black were disises white was humans red were canivors and green were herbivors.

we went in the forest to play the game then we had lunch and went home.

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