Itinerary for Paris  

Day 1: ( SEPTEMBER 15 till September 20th)  depart at the airport at  9:30am get to Paris at 1:30pm  then go to the accommodation and unpack


Day 2:  Go to the Eiffel tower then have lunch at a café


Day 3: Go for a walk in the city.


Day 4: Go for a drive around.


Day 5:  Pack and go back to Melbourne









Chicken burgers: $4.00                                 Real cost: $ 51.5

                                                                                                            group: laiken, portia, mia, will, kaylan, Elana
Rolls:$ 5.49
Lettuce: 1.40
Cheese: $4.40

Burgers: $5.00                 
Rolls: $2.00
Cheese: $4.40
Lettuce:$ 1.40
Bananas: $2.90
Ice cream: $6.15
Cherries: $ 6.76

Math Reflection

over the term I have been learning my times tables 1 to 10 and measurement













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