term 4 inquiry


design & Technology

This week I enjoyed planing the lava lamp

I learnt  that detail is impotent

challenges I faced  Thinking of a lava lamp that has detail

Next week I’m going to

1 make a blue print

2  make a plan 

3 see how we are going to put the lava lamp together


week 6

this week I found out  that the oil of the lava lamp makes it glow

I learnt that without the oil the lava lamp will not glow

I made a plan for our lava lamp

my goals for next week are

1 get the ingredients

2   make a list of things we need

3 help my group make their plans

week 7

this week I have been doing the  design brief

my goals for next week are:

make the product, take photos as we make it. One from our group will write the procedure.

2 finish the design brief

3 start making!

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