Why is it so and can it be better

Fiona what I did: I invented a Convertable Skate car

what I found interesting: I found the thinker keys interesting

what I wonder: how hard it is to invent something


what I did: learnt about phones and hoy w they changed.

what I found interesting how much phones have been created

what I wonder how much phones have been invented


what I did: I made a spaghetti bridge

what I found interesting: how the bridges are strong

I wonder how hard  it will be to make a giant spaghetti bridge


what I did I made a news paper tower

what I found interesting  how some of the towers stayed up

I wonder if you make the tower fat it will stay up


what I did  I drew my house

what I found interesting  that there are lots of  Young inventors

what I wonder how many young inventers there are?


jeremy clarkson- inventions that changed the world

1. we saw that he invented computers, jets, cars and planes.

2 computers are very smart and helpful

3.  In the past there were type writers, box TVS and small bits of food.

wonderings  ( for The Design project )




K.                                                           W.                                   L

That inventions are creative.            Is it easy to invent       That there are a lot of                              young inventers

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